Do I need a Tray, or can the Canopy be fitted direct to my Vehicle Body?

The Canopy can be fitted either way. If you have a tray on the vehicle already the unit will be manufactured to suit this. If you have a Tub / Well body we can remove this and mount the Canopy Directly to the Vehicle Chassis.

Does the edge of the Canopy have a Lip, How will my fridge slide work?

The Canopy does have a lip to retain items inside the Canopy. This Lip also doubles as a Stainless Steel Tie Rail System for securing your load. When a fridge slide is fitted, we remove a portion of this to allow for clear movement of the slide.

How much weight can the roof hold?

The roof can hold 300kg however it should be noted that legally a vehicle is only permitted to carry 120kg on the roof. The roof of the Canopy is designed to be a roof rack. It as Tie Points to secure load and will support as a roof rack would. We also have a Boat loader that is built into the roof system.

What happens to my vehicles Factory Reverse Camera and Sensors?

The vehicles factory Reverse Camera and Sensors can be re fitted into the Canopy Body. After Market Cameras and Sensors can also be fitted.

Can the Canopy be colour Coded?

The Canopy can be colour coded. To colour code the Canopy it will need to be 2pac Paint finished. This is the most expensive of the finishing options and not our recommended finish. Aluminium being a softer material then steel means a 2Pac painted finish requires more maintenance. Our recommended finish is Powder coat.