Choose From a Range of Optional Extras

Our goal at Alloy Ute Canopies is to offer our customers the finest quality and value every time Australia wide. To that end, we offer custom alloy canopies, allowing you to add a number of additional accessories. You can find out more on this page or by contacting us.

Door Options

  • Rear door
  • Split side doors
  • Dog Gage Doors

Standard units come with a full door on each side of the canopy. A Rear Door can be added for greater access. Side doors can be split to allow for compartments.

The doors are operated via a central folding T handle and latched at three points. An electronic central locking upgrade is available.

Roof Rack Options

  • Ladder rack bars – fitted to a range of positions on the existing tie rails, they also enclose the ends of the roof space, effectively making the roof a basket
  • Extended rack – this extends beyond the canopy, out over the roof of the vehicle, and is ideal for carrying lengths of material
  • Boat loader – rear loader, capable of loading 3.9m

Window Options

  • Front window
  • Rear window
  • Side windows
  • Sliding and awning windows – please note, this will affect the dust proof capabilities
  • Clear or light grey shading

Under Body Options

  • Rear under body tool box – located behind the wheel, it runs through to the rear of the canopy. You can have a step to access the roof or a fixed panel ladder
  • Front under body tool box – located in front of the wheel, it runs through to the front of the unit
  • Under tray drawer – a great way to use vacant space under the tray for additional storage. It measures 1500(L) x 730(W) x 90(D)
Ute Tool Box

Ladder Options

  • Fixed panel ladder – typically fitted to the passenger side, the steps are recessed into a fixed panel, with a D handle on the outside of the canopy
  • Tube ladder – constructed of 25x3mm round tube, fitted to the rear of the canopy

Internal Storage Options

  • Internal storage cabinet and drop down bench – constructed using our tough extrusion system, it can be located down the driver or passenger side. When the door is up it is a self-contained storage unit and when the door is down it acts as a clean work space. It measures 1200(L) x 588(D) x 450(H) or 1400(L) x 588(D) x 450(H)
  • Elevated floor and drawer assembly – an elevated floor can be created for part of or all of the canopy floor space. Under the floor a drawer assembly can be fitted. The height of the elevated floor is 180mm, which gives a drawer depth of 130mm. Please note, the unit weighs 48kg–67kg when empty
  • Fridge slide – this pull out slide is a great way to access your fridge, with options to suit 40-80 litre fridges
  • Internal divider – an expanded mesh panel can be fixed and used to break up the canopy storage space

12Volt Electrical Options

  • Door sensors – an orange light, located in the rear view mirror, alerts the driver a door has not been shut
  • Electronic central locking – the canopy can be locked at the press of a button. A standalone ECU is used so the unit is not linked to your vehicles central locking
  • Cabin lights – a 450 lumens LED light, it is switched at the front of the canopy
  • Door lights–these 126 lumens LED strip lights are position adjustable. Standard positioning is in the door directly above the bench space. These lights can be positioned on the outer extremity of the door, however it may incur an additional charge
  • Flood lights – these can be positioned on the rear of the canopy, the roof rack or even the inside roof space of the cabin. Once the door is opened it will function as it would on the side of the unit
  • 12v power outlets: a standard cig outlet is located next to the 12v fuse box, with further options for a dual outlet (standard cig and USB) or Engel fridge specific outlets available

Indicators and Signal Lights

When a chassis mount fitment option is selected, the canopy will require tail lights. If the vehicle is being supplied by a dealer and factory lights are available, we will simply fit these. Alternatively after Market LED lights can be fitted.

  • BRW 80 Tail Light assembly
  • We can fit a BRW80 LED Tail Light to most vehicles. Depending on the options that have been selected we can fit the lights directly to our under body tool box assembly or provide a Tail Light Bar
  • High Mounted Tail / Stop Light
  • A tail / stop light can be fitted to the rear, top, centre of the canopy.

Tyre Mounts

Spare tyres can be fitted in three places, the roof, the rear of the unit and inside the unit. When allowing for a spare tyre it is our recommendation the tyre be mounted to the front inside wall of the canopy. This is to keep the weight of the unit forward. It should be noted that when mounting Tyres to the rear of the unit the load on the Canopy and the vehicle chassis is increased greatly. It should also be noted that the rear tyre mount will add to the legal length of the vehicle.

  • Rear Tyre Carrier
  • Single or dual carrier available. It can also be optioned up with a Jerry can holder
  • Internal Tyre Carrier
  • This is our recommended fitment for a tyre mount. It keeps weight forward and does not increase stress on the vehicle chassis
  • Roof Tyre Mount